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SDSC ‘19 Research Track

Accepted Papers

Classifying Electrical Impedance Tomography images by resistances based on contours

Sudhanva Narayana and Vinod Agrawal​

2D Multi-Spectral CNN Model for Facies Analysis

Zengyan Wang and Hamid Arabnia

Implement Convolutional Embedding Feature to Detect Time Series Abnormal Activity in Edge Computing Environment

Yiyun Zhou, Meng Han, Liyuan Liu and Jing He

LSTM and GRU Neural Networks for Influenza Trends Prediction with Multiple Data Resources

Liyuan Liu, Meng Han, Yiyun Zhou and Yan Wang

Machine Learning and Algorithm Selection for Detecting Insider Threats

David Noever

A Two-stage Hybrid Model for Bankcard Response Classification via Integrating Automatic Interaction Detection (CHAID) Algorithm to Logistic Regression

Yan Wang and Xuelei Ni

Cox-PASNet: Pathway-based Sparse Deep Neural Network for Survival Analysis

Jie Hao, Youngsoon Kim, Tejaswini Mallavarapu, Jung Hun Oh and Mingon Kang

New Algorithms for Compressed Sensing of MRI: WTWTS, DWTS, WDWTS

Srivarna Settisara Janney, Sumit Chakravarty and Craig A Chin

Feature Extraction With Healthcare Claims Data

Lauren Staples

PASCL: Pathway-based Sparse Deep Clustering for Identifying Unknown Cancer Subtypes

Teja Mallavarapu, Jie Hao, Youngsoon Kim, Jung Hun Oh and Mingon Kang

Salient Context Identification from Memory for Neural Dialog Systems

Sashank Santhanam and Samira Shaikh

Volumetric Data Analytics Of Brain Ratio Trajectories From Young Adulthood To Non-Senile Elders: Towards Quantitative Standardization Of The Aging Brain For Machine Learning Algorithms

Ali Bourisly, Ali Shuaib, Abrar Hayat, Fatima Dashti and Lamia Al-Sarraf

Estimating Image Popularity of Airbnb Experiences without Labels

Liang Wu and Mihajlo Grbovic

Automatic Knowledge Extraction from OCR Documents Using Hierarchical Documents Analysis

Mohammad Masum, Sai Kosaraju, Mingon Kang, Tanju Bayramoglu and Girish Modgil

RF-SNOPred: a Random Forest Based Predictor for S-nitrosylation (SNO) Sites

Jamian Smith, Clarence White and Dukka Kc

The Influence of Class Penalty Weights on the Performance of Logistic Regression

Lili Zhang and Herman Ray

Deep Similarity-Enhanced K Nearest Neighbors

Linh Le and Ying Xie

Medical Information Extraction with MedaCy

Andriy Mulyar and Bridget McInnes

Bikes on Demand: Predicting Atlanta Bike Share Demand with Linear Regression and Time Series Analysis

Jessica Rudd

Feature Ranking for Multi-Label Classification

Matej Petković, Dragi Kocev and Saso Dzeroski

Developing a community of practice among minority serving institutions around cloud computing ecosystems

Leonardo Vieira, Nicholas Gonzalez and Jessie Walker

Credit card fraud detection using varied sampling techniques

Aayush Kataria

Analyzing Crop Images for Improving Agriculture

Divyang Doshi and Dr. Anukriti Bansal

A Chatbot Based Question Answering Approach for Answering Academic Questions

Muhammad Mahmodul Hoque Rana and Mehdi Allahyari

Speech Recognition of Spoken Digits Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Ryan Baxley

Encoding Product Assortments with Kernel Embeddings

Christos Malliopoulos and Nikolaos Vasiloglou​

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