SDSC ‘20 Research Track

Accepted Papers

Curiosity in Recommender Systems

Fakhri Abbas and Xi Niu

 Improving the Early Detection of Rare Craniofacial Genetic Disorders Through Convolutional Neural Networks and Machine Learning using Facial Images

Ameya Jadhav

Incorporating Content Beyond Text: A High Reliable Twitter-Based Disaster Information System

Qixuan Hou and Meng Han

Downstream Analysis Effects of Normalization Strategies and Development of Quantitatively Motivated Pre-Processing Framework for Predictive Models

Jessica Rudd

Machine Learning for Autonomous Benthic Macroinvertebrate Identification

Molly Landon, Teresa Mathews, Natalie Griffiths and Ryan McManamay

 Identifying Factors That Influence User-Sentiment On Smart Watches Using Text Mining

Varun Bhatia

Hyperspectral Data Pre-processing for Plant Stress, Genotype DetectionASNet: Pathway-based Sparse Deep Neural Network for Survival Analysis

Sarah Mathew, Philip Bingham, Deniz Aykac and Mindy Clark

A Chatbot-based Mobile Application to Predict and Early-prevent Human Mental Illness

Ava Podrazhansky and Hao Zhang

A Time-To-Event Predictive Model to Identify, Understand, and Strategically Retain Policyholders

Cheng Cheng, Lingtong Guo, Wenjun Wei, Ruoyun Yang and Matthew Lanham

Non-Intrusive Identification of Student Attentiveness and Finding Their Correlation with Facial Expression

Tasnia Tabassum and Andrew Allen

Novel Scoring with Confusion Matrices for Satellite Image Captioning

David Noever, Wes Regian, Matt Ciolino, Josh Kalin and Dom Hambrick

Data Augmentation of Biased Datasets with StyleGAN

Heather Huynh, Sushmita Azad, Jiaqi Wu and Jeetu Raj

Analyzing and Comparing Semantic Dimensions of Dependency-Based Word Embeddings: A Case Study with Embeddings

Zhuo Cheng and Samira Shaikh

Spatiotemporal Modeling of Subcellular Morphologies as Social Network Graphs

Marcus Hill, Mojtaba Fazli, Rachel Mattson, Andrew Durden, Frederick Quinn, Chakra Chennubhotla and Shannon Quinn

Comparison of Deep Learning Methods for Time Series Analysis

Arindam Mukerjee and Goutam Chakraborty

Understanding Neuronal Bioenergetics: 3D Reconstruction of Mitochondria with Machine Learning

Priya Khandelwal, Priya Khandelwal and Priya Khandelwal

Unsupervised Spatiotemporal Representation of Cilia Video Using A Modular Generative Pipeline

Meekail Zain, Quinn Wyner, Nathan Safir, Alex Eldridge, Sonia Rao, Bella Humphrey and Shannon Quinn

Bias and Variance of Logistic Regression Models on the Imbalanced Data

Lili Zhang and Herman Ray

Expressive Multimodal Integrated Learning (EMIL): A New Dataset for Multi-Sense Integration and Training

David Noever and Samantha Noever

Analyzing Event-Specific Language Use on Gab: A Charlottesville case study

Khyati Mahajan and Samira Shaikh

Fine-grained Aspect Sentiment Analysis to Capture Customer Insight: A Flight Review Practical Study

Bing Han, Lingyun Yang, Meng Han and Jing He

Automatic Incident Detection Recast as Anomaly Detection – an Approach Utilizing Random Forest Models

Nicholas Klepp

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