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Data Science with Python

Time and Location

Thursday, Sept 7, 2023 at 9:00am - 3:00pm EDT


Data Science with Python Part 1: Working with Pandas 

Pandas is the workhorse for manipulating, analyzing, tweaking, and visualizing data. Get started by learning the basics: Loading data, tweaking data, and aggregating data.



Data Science with Python Part 2: From trees to XGBoost

You may have heard that XGBoost is all you need. This tutorial will give you an overview of tree-based models. You will learn about their benefits, weaknesses, and how to leverage them. We will explore trees, random forests, and XGBoost.


What you need 


A desire to practice data science with Python. You should have a machine that can run Python.


See here for details on installing Python on your machine. [0]


Alternatively, you may work from Google Colab (but will need a Google account).


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