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The Data Career Launch Academy

By: Dr. Renata Rawlings-Goss 
Time and Location

Apr 18, 2019 at 9:00am - 3:00pm EDT

Cobb Galleria Center



The Data Career Academy Workshop is a one-day intensive, based on the full 4-week, Data Career Academy program. The Workshop is an intensive opportunity designed to Jump-Start New Entrants or Experienced People Transitioning Into A Data Science Career.


Discover A Powerful Process That Will Show You, Step-by-step, How To Gain Control Over Your Career & Thrive In The Data Job Market.   


Career Seekers will learn how to:


  • Choose a Successful Niche

  • Target Your Ideal Data Job Market, 

  • Smartly Supplement Your Experience, 

  • Make Connections that Count, 

  • Plan for the Career You Want


  • Upgrade Your Data Job Search,

  • Create a Winning Package, 

  • Prep for the Technical Interview & 

  • Confidently Talk About What You Do!


PLUS, when you register, you will receive a printable Data Jobseekers Masterclass Workbook that will walk you through the process of developing an inspiring strategy for your job search. You will be able to follow along, step-by-step with this workbook during the class and write your responses to each section as you listen. Best of all, this guide will ensure that you actually draft your job search and preparation plan by the end of class! 

This Workshop is interactive and for you if:


  • You are Ready to Move Up in Your Career!


  • You have this nagging feeling that you’re not quite communicating your full potential.


  • You have skills and expertise, but they do not follow a linear path, and you would like to highlight them as a strength.


  • You’ve been stuck in a holding pattern, and can feel overwhelmed by the choices and fragmented options in the Data Job Market.


  • You struggle with leaving the comfort zone of your experience to explore new opportunities in the data career space.


  • You are ready to find a data career, and want to walk away with a plan. 

Instructor's Bio:

Dr. Renata Rawlings-Goss is the author of the 2019 book “Data Careers, Training, and Hiring” published by SpringerPress as well as the founder, President/ CEO of Good with Data LLC,  which runs the Data Career Academy, an online and offline career academy and community for women and people of color launching a data science career. Her work has been recognized in the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and as one of President Obama’s top 100 Impacts in Science and Technology. 

Dr. Renata Rawlings-Goss is also an internationally recognized leader in data science. The founding Executive Director of the National Science Foundation – South Big Data Innovation Hub, the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Georgia Institute of Technology- Institute for Data Engineering and Science (IDEaS), and the founder and Chairperson of the board for the National Data Science Organizers Group. 

Through her roles, she serves as an Executive Strategist, Policy Advisor, and Career Mentor for Fortune 500 Companies, Federal and State Government Agencies, as well as Individuals around Data Science Education, Big Data, Digital Transformation, Public-Private Partnerships, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Analytics Career Success, Professional Development and Data Innovation. 

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