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(NLP) Achieve ML Hyper-productivity with Hugging Face Transformers

Time and Location

Sep-9, 2022 at 9:00am - 3:00pm EDT

The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North


In this workshop, you'll walk through a complete end-to-end example of using Hugging Face Transformers, involving both our open-source libraries and some of our commercial products.


Starting from a dataset containing real-life product reviews from, you'll train and deploy a text classification model predicting the star rating for similar reviews.


Along the way, you'll learn how to:

- Explore models and datasets on the Hugging Face Hub,

- Load, prepare and save datasets with the Hugging Face datasets library,

- Load, train and save models with the Hugging Face transformers library,

- Build ML applications with Hugging Spaces to showcase your models,

- Use hardware acceleration with the Hugging Face Optimum library to optimize training and prediction times,

- and maybe a few more things, if we have time!


Of course, all code will be shared with you, and you'll be able to use it easily in your own projects.



  • This is a hands-on, code-level workshop all the way. Coding proficiency is required

  • Participants don't need to be ML experts, but they must be familiar with basic ML concepts and workflows, as well as Python and Python-based tools for ML (Jupyter, numpy, pandas, etc.).

  • Participants must bring their own laptop.

  • Prior to the workshop, participants must set up a cloud-based Jupyter environment with GPU support (Google Colab, Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab or Amazon SageMaker Studio) and Git LFS support (

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