Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Business Applications

Time and Location

Sep-9, 2022 at 9:00am - 3:00pm EDT

The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North


Summary of NLP

1 hour

In this session, we will go through an introduction, learning resources, techniques and major business applications in NLP.


Break 15 min


Unsupervised machine learning  for NLP

1.5 hour

This session will be a hands-on python coding tutorial to learn about texting data pre-processing,  K-means clustering techniques and TSNE for high dimension data visualization. We will also share some use cases on product categorization based on product description and topic retrieval from review data.


Lunch break 1 hour


Semi-supervised NLP classification

2 hours

In this session, we will go through a real business application with semi-supervised NLP classification. We will share an end to end business project on how to assist new product launch in telecom industry with voice of customer data. There will be a hands on python session on how to use word-2-vec to build keyword dictionary and how to do sentiment analysis with NLTK.


Break 15 minutes


Deep Learning in NLP

2 hours

In this session, we will go through how deep learning LSTM algorithm was applied in a real business case to optimize new product onboarding process to e-commerce website. There will be a hands-on python session on a public data set of news to go through the same LSTM classification methodology.