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RCloud .. Notebook IDE and Cloud Platform

January 7, 2017

Let me introduce you to the open-source data analysis cloud platform called RCloud ( for collaborative coding and data visualizations in R and Python. RCloud is similar to Jupyter, but it is BOTH a notebook IDE and a CLOUD PLATFORM.Data Scientists may easily create, collaborate and share results of R and Python analyses with both registered and unregistered users. Everyone in the RCloud has access to everyone else’s notebooks; leverage code, great for newbies and experts, no more “recreating the wheel”, create libraries of code and projects! Groups may be formed, notebooks hidden and other security features make it a great tool for managing projects. Web based R or Python terminals accessible from anywhere with an internet connection - add Javascript to data visualizations and share sophisticated results through a URL as a notebook or dashboard (




Developed by AT&T Big Data Research Labs to solve issues related to reproducibility, collaboration, deployment time and parallelizing code. They now have many instances of RCloud installed on big data platforms, including Hadoop and SparkR, and are using big data packages like H20 for Deep Learning across various data lakes (since it is free, set up as many instances as needed) where results are shared instantaneously with both registered and unregistered users.


Please check out our introductory videos:


Or take our public instance for a test drive (


Please email me at any time if you are interested in installing RCloud, would like a demo or if you have any questions. 

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