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Guess Who's On TechEmergence?

August 2, 2018

SDSC's own Dr. Khalifeh AlJadda was recently featured on the TechEmergence blog and AI in Industry podcast, using his depth of knowledge about data science, artificial intelligence and search algorithms to shine a light on the direction of future tech.


Dr. AlJadda, the founder of the Southern Data Science Conference, also holds a position as lead data scientist at CareerBuilder in Atlanta, Georgia.


Here are a few of his insights about the evolution in search and natural language processing:

  • Relevant search results are vital to both the site users and the business providers

  • Correctly interpreting a searcher's intention creates value and retains customers

  • Accurately parsing and returning intended results involves contextually interpreting inputs

  • Building search within a site provides more available information and a better user experience


As Dr. AlJadda explains, when a business outgrows platforms such as Elastisearch, custom algorithms must be build to interpret meanings beyond keyword search and string matching. An example would be the term 'Java,' which could be a reference to coffee, an island, or a computer language. Using the surrounding context in what is known as 'semantic search,' can focus the search in a way that simple keyword frequency or string matching would not.


All of these aspects will further be projected onto future technology, as more searches are done on mobile and by natural language processing. Development must incorporate not just these current trends, but anticipate future technology to prevent an algorithm from becoming obsolete.


See what other insights Dr. AlJadda shares here.




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