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July 17, 2021    9:00am - 1:00pm PDT 

SDSC Express '21 - Virtual

If you are a data science enthusiast who is interested in learning from the experts and top researchers about the cutting-edge technologies and best practices in data science, register today for SDSC Express '21. The Express event will be single track, in line with our previous in-person events (400+ attendees) in Atlanta.  To reduce online fatigue, we have built-in breaks between talks and sessions, so you can enjoy great content from the comfort of your home. The virtual event is FREE for participants, so come and connect with the SDSC community.  

Our speakers have been selected by the advisory board of SDSC based on their outstanding contribution to the data science community. Hence, SDSC Express '21  attracts top speakers from top companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, ..etc. and top research institutes like Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Georgia Tech, UGA, GSU, KSU, Emory  ..etc.

Virtual Conference Speakers


Director of ML/AI

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CEO & Founder

(Creator of PyTorch Lightning)


Director of Data Science



VP Engineering,

Search and Conversational AI



Senior Data Scientist

(Kaggle Grandmaster)

About SDSC 

The Southern Data Science Conference (SDSC) is a special data science R&D conference that brings experts and researchers from the top data science companies and institutes to present their work and share their best practices in data science. Our Atlanta-based conference was organized on April 11-12, 2019 with 500+ attendees who represented industry, academia, and government institutions across the US. Due to the pandemic, we have shifted our format to short and efficient virtual sessions until in-person events are safe to resume.  





Companies Represented Since 2018

Through our renowned list of expert speakers and partners, previous in-person events were
represented by industry-leading companies.

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* The list of sponsors below is from previous in-person events. They are maintained to demonstrate the caliber of sponsors associated with the SDSC brand. 

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